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Our mission is simple, we provide the real cost of travel. Tracking expenses while traveling is nothing new, we all do it to a certain extent. Sadly, much of that information remains unseen by the public because people track in different ways. Venture Cost solves this problem by displaying every single expense weighing up to the monthly averages.
No. Venture Cost is completely free as of right now. Tracking expenses will be free, forever.
Yes! Before a finished trips data is displayed publicly it has to go through a simple submission phase. We do this to ensure that the expenses are entered correctly to keep the numbers as accurate as possible.
All the numbers in Venture Cost are based on trips and expenses tracked solely within the website. We don't use data from any 3rd party to ensure accuracy.
Venture Cost is not fully monetized at the moment. Until then, we gladly accept any donation to keep the project running. You can either donate or advertise.
We do not have a phone app, but the website is optimized to work just the same in a phone as on a computer. You can add an app icon for Venture Cost to your phone by bookmarking the website. To use Venture Cost on your phone, it needs to be connected to the Internet.


You can change your preferred currency at the bottom of any page.
Trips with the verified badge has been submitted by the trip owner and checked by an administrator to assure the expenses were input correctly.
No, the way we can keep Venture Cost as accurate as possible is by having users add to our established categories.
Supported expenses & housing are costs paid by someone else. For example, if someone pays for your accommodation, you should enter what they paid or an estimation.
Unrelated expenses do not affect the monthly average as they are not a reflection of the destination. Examples: flights, computer equipment and expensive medical expenses.


You can not remove your account on your own at this moment. If you'd like to do this, please contact us by clicking on the green button in the bottom right corner of this page.
Yes. All passwords are hashed and salted with modern techinques (Fancy way of saying the passwords are not stored in a human readable format). If you don't trust us handling your password you can sign up using Twitter or Facebook instead.