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What Makes Venture Cost Unique?

The most distinctive detail about Venture Cost is the accuracy of numbers. The sole source of prices and other details are the trips made by users who are tracking their expenses. People travel in different ways, and for different purposes, which most of the time reflects on the total cost. We have therefore made it possible to find prices based on the travel style that interests you the most. If that's not enough, we also have an awesome community helping each other travel better.

How Does It Work?

Tools for tracking expenses has been around forever, whether it being pen and paper, or an app in your phone. Instead of the valuable information getting lost with time, we're gathering it. The concept it simple. You track your expenses during a trip and when it's finished you have the option to rate and submit the trip for a quick review. We review all trips to make sure all the expenses got added correctly. Once your trip gets approved, the destination prices and ratings will update for everyone to see!

Track Your Expenses

Easily track your expenses for your trips, for free! Perfect for anyone who wants to have a budget during their ventures, or keep track of where you've visited. Save time inputting expenses by using Auto-fill, which lets you add repetitive expenses with just one click. When your trip is over you can rate it and submit for others to see.

Explore Destinations

Discover exciting places around the world, depending on your travel style and budget. All destination details are solely based on real trips in Venture Cost, which you can inspect on by one. In addition to cost, you can also sort and find cities based on users ratings for accommodation, food, average trip duration etc.

Connect With Travelers

Stay connected with the community even when you're not traveling. Every trip have its own comment section which lets you ask and answers any questions. Follow people you find interesting to see where they are, or where they've been. You can see who's visiting a city on the separate city pages.